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Jimmy is a custom tattoo artist and the owner of Velvet Ink. He has spent the last few years creating and fine tuning his distinctive and individual style that lends itself to custom based tattoo work, no matter what the customer's specifications are you can be sure Jimmy will produce a quality piece of work.


Having originally started  as a Graffiti artist Jimmy was able to easily change direction as tattoos and graffiti are now both firmly entrenched as mainstream art forms. Over the past decade, his background in the raw products of street Graffiti design have influenced his current work and elements of this artistic style and have found their way into Jimmy's current medium; tattoos.


" I never lost my ability and passion for graffiti which has certainly proved beneficial with tattooing. I think this can be demonstrated by taking a look at my gallery. Graffiti art has  enabled me to create the most imaginative and detailed custom tattoo designs.

Script is perhaps the most requested tattoo  I am asked to do. With the need for symmetry and continuity, my background as a street artist and in later years attending art college ensures precision and accuracy which aids to master the most fine lined pieces of work ''.

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